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Direct bank deposit or Western Union payments are also possible, if required  . Please contact me about this.

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My professional spellcasting services will help you find solutions to all sorts of life's problems. Whether you are seeking help to fix a relationship issue, a work problem, a cash flow issue, a family concern, or you want to increase your luck, open new doorways to success or simply to feel better within yourself, a magical solution awaits you...

Life is Challenging,Often Throwing us Curve Balls,Dramas & Disappointments to Deal With

Whether it's a relationship breaking down or not providing us with what we really need, or there are problems at work with colleagues or the boss, or there are financial issues causing great stress, or it just seems like nothing seems to be going right and all joy for life has eroded, there is no doubt that the human experience often feels like one huge challenge to get through! Every single one of us at one time or another feels like they are banging their head against a brick wall in a futile attempt to make real progress in some area of life, but solutions are at hand...

Magic, while an unconventional approach to tackling life's problems, helps thousands of people every day from all walks of life to surmount all sorts of obstacles and regain a sense of control and empowerment over their own life. With spells to help relationships grow and change for the better, spells to banish bad luck and bring an influx of positive energy, spells to turnaround a difficult financial situation or achieve greater success in work or business, there is magical assistance available for just about any issue you can conceive of!



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Benefits of my Services


32 years casting spells,
18 of those online

Proof of
Work Done

Photos of your castings will be emailed to you

Vast Selection
of Spells

200 + spells available.You choose the intensity

and Freebies

Regular discounts, loyalty program & competitions 



I'm not sure if you still have a few more days of spell left, but we are back together! It worked! I cannot thank you enough for your help


It's been almost 60 days since you cast the Magnet spell  & yesterday I won $7,000 dollars on a casino game I play regularly! I couldn't believe it!


I'm pretty sure this spell worked really fast & has turned my target into one extremely incredible lover all of the sudden. I'm very happy.

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Service Features

The core aspects of my work

I work internationally, so matter where you live, I can help.

All spell castings are custom made to order, with time-tested, traditional formulas  made from the highest quality herbs, resins & curios.

Work is booked in quickly, with casting scheduled within 48 hours of your order.

Custom spell casting is possible if you don't find what you're looking for.

For every spell I do, I offer corresponding magical products for a complete experience.

I provide a non-judgemental and completely confidential service. 

Your trust matters, so to reassure you something is actually being done, photos of your spell work will be emailed to you.


Does magic really work? 

Yes, magic spells really can work. I doubt I'd have remained in business so long if it was all hokum! I have performed successful spells for thousands of people over the years, and many of my customers come back repeatedly. 

Will I get bad karma for using your services and products?

No. This is, in my opinion, a myth, unless very dark magic is used. I do not practice the Dark Arts! If, however, you are very anxious or prone to worry, you may create experiences perceived as negative through the power of your own thought forms. 'Where attention goes, energy flows', but any issues along these lines will have nothing to do with my items or spell casting services.

How long will it take for a spell to work?

This will vary from case to case so cannot be answered difinitively. Some people notice changes within days, others feel movement after a couple of weeks, while for some it can take several months. Generally, the more intensive the spell is, the faster it may take effect, but as this is not an exact science, this is not something that can be guaranteed. It's best to be patient and take a philosophical stance; it will work when it is meant to work!

Are results from spellcasting permanent or do they fade?

A spell is designed to achieve a certain result, whether this is a specific outcome, like a promotion, or a behavioural change in someone. Once this occurs, the spell is complete, so in this context, it cannot be described as 'permanent' or 'subject to fading'. If, for example, a love spell causes someone to be more commited, and you see notice this, the magic has 'done its thing'. Whether or not this effect gets 'hardwired' into the person so they are like this 'forver' is going to depend on the individual, and the choices they go on to make of their own free will. 

Do you offer free recasts?

No, sorry. Spell work takes up my time and draws on my energies, so I do not undertake work for free, unless you have won a competition I'm running. In the unlikely event of you experiencing absolutely no change, I'm happy to offer a discount on any recast you might decide to try.

What kind of magic do you practice?

I am what would be considered an 'eclectic witch', as I practice different types of magic. That said, my main focus is on Hoodoo magic, and I must point out that I do NOT practice Wicca. I am solitary with my practice, ie I do not work with a coven of witches.

What is your success rate like?

I get asked this frequently,but it is important to appreciate that during all my years online offering my services, I have performed magic spells for thousands of customers. Short of sending out a questionnaire post-service and gathering responses in some sort of table, like a pie chart, this is an impossible question to answer with some specific % figure sorry! What I can tell you is I have thousands of reviews online and many repeat customers. And I keep a dedicated email folder containing all the feedback from my clients. It is rare for me to get complaints. I am confident in claiming that my success rate appears to be high.

Do I have to do anything?

Unless you have bought a magical product that specifically requires a bit of your own input, like a mojo bag or witchvelope packets, then the answer is NO. Everything involved in my spellcasting services is handled entirely by me.

What signs indicate a spell is working?

More frequent or intense dreams about the person and strange synchronicities may occur.Words, events, songs, items, etc, associated with the person may make themselves known to you in odd or coincidental ways. Unexpected meetings or communication are possible, the target's behaviour will change for the better, or you may simply have an intuition and feel the energetic shift.

What information do you need from me?

Your first & last name and  your email address are important for me to know. A photo of yourself and your date of birth are always god to have, but not essential. The name of the target is helpful, as is their photo, but I appreciate names and pics are not always available so don't worry if that's the case. I do NOT need you to send any 'personal concerns' to me in the post. A brief, succinct outline of the issue can be conveyed, but is not always necessary as some spells are completely self explanatory, ie ' good luck' or 'protection'. 

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